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Current location:Plywood Machinery > Log handing section
Plywood machinery of BSY Group
Log handing section

Guide of BSY Plywood Machine- Log handing section:

    Log Debarker-BSY Plywood Machine
    Log Charger-BSY Plywood Machine

As our experience, most plywood plant need the log handing section, which includes log boiling, cut-off, log barking, log centering& charger. Through these process we can convey the log to the veneer peeling lathe.

We can design the complete flow of this section, and supply log debarker and log charger( optinal log charger, mechanical geomatric log charger, and XY model charger).

All of these accord to our layout drawing which is up to our customer`s requirement.

Log debarker of BSY plywood machinery
Mechanical Geomatric Log Charger of BSY plywood machinery
Optical Log Charger of BSY plywood machine

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