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Log handing
Log Debarker 
Log Charger 
Peeling & drying
Hydraulic Veneer Lathe 
Mechanical Veneer Lathe 
Spindleless Veneer Lathe 
Veneer Dryer 
Rotary Veneer Clipper 
Pneumatic Veneer Clipper 
Veneer Slicer 
Veneer handing
Veneer Splicer 
Veneer Patching Machine 
Scarf Joint Machine 
Layup & pressing
Glue Spreader 
Pressing Machine 
Panel handing
Size Triming Saw 
Sanding Machine 
Auxiliary machine
Veneer Reeling Stock 
Veneer Conveyor 
Log Conveyor 
Hydraulic Lifting Platform 
Turnover Machine 
Knife Grinder 
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Plywood machinery of BSY Group

BSY Group has long experience in designing and manufacturing plywood machine and also supplying machines and equipment for plywood industry. Company is able to offer also consulting for plywood production line.

We have focused in our designing of plywood machine especially on quality and characteristic to reach profitable production.

Our targer is to design and maufacture economical and reliable solutions to our customers. We guarantee flexibility, promptness and definite timing of our activities with customers.

We can offer log handing device, veneer peeling device, veneer clipping & drying machine, scarf jointing machine, layup and pressing machine, size triming machine.

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